Peace, Love & Hope Have a Name

Everyone by now knows that I consider myself to be an optimist. I always look for the best in people and in circumstances. This is a good thing, I think. However, it is also my downfall. I’ve fallen victim, too many times to mention, to those in this world who see optimists as their prey. I know this topic is heavy, but I feel it’s necessary to talk about it. I believe God does not waste a hurt. He is never to blame when people are victimized, but I have no doubt He knows it’s coming. So being the great multi-tasker that He is, He prepares our heart and mind to withstand the storm before we even know it’s coming. I am going through a storm as I write this. I’m not blaming God, but I am asking why. Why is this happening again? What am I doing to attract these people? Or is there anyone out there who can be trusted?storm

Here is what God said. We are all capable of wicked acts, and we have all been wicked. Nobody is immune to sin. The take-away lesson for me, which I obviously haven’t learned yet, is to stop thinking that everyone I meet actually wants what is best for me and will be fair. My entitled attitude in life has led me to think that I’m a good, decent person and anyone who meets me will agree and want to do good towards me. But if I really sit and look at my own heart and attitude towards others, what I find may turn my stomach. The Bible tells us the truth about all humanity. I am no different. I am guilty of heinous acts and victimizing behaviors just as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and David. I am not special nor am I unique. I know that goes against everything society tells us about ourselves, but my truth comes from the Word of God….not the daytime talk shows. As I go through this storm my aim is to press in closer to God. To come out of this storm unscathed but all the wiser. You see, I believe I can still be an optimist despite the vicious acts of others. Because my optimism is now based solely on the goodness of God rather than man. Who can I trust in this world? Only God. Because I know that hope has a name. It is the Name above all names. Hope’s name is God.

If you’re feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders today, may I encourage you to put on a great set of headphones, click the link below, close your eyes and immerse yourself in worship of the one true God. Draw near to Him, and He will draw near to you.

Forever by Kari Jobe

For more encouragement and a boost of endorphin’s, click here to join me on my journey to a healthier life, both inside and out. Be blessed.


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