I Thought I Was Healthy

Hi. My name is Geanean, and I’m a fitness junkie. Yes, I love to workout. I love trying different things with the end goal of achieving a fit and healthy body. Nothing wrong with that, right? Of course not. What IS wrong is thinking ALL roads to fitness lead to a fit and healthy body. What I mean by that is not all “healthy” routines lead ultimately to a fit and healthy life. Want some truth? There is no secret pill or magic routine. Hard work and smart food choices are the only way to see real, lasting change.


Diet trends come and go, and many people jump on and off the wagon for the same reasons. We want instant results. Once we get results (at least for the moment) our passion dies down and we think we are done. Or some of us stick to the diet of the moment and see results and think, “Wow! This diet is great!” The problem we face with any diet trend (low-fat, no carb, high protein, no sugar…..blah, blah, blah), it’s not sustainable. We cannot live in any extreme circumstance forever. We’ve heard this before, but the marketing schemes of these trendy diets or supplements are so dang good, they reel us in yet again.

STOP THE MADNESS! You are not doing yourselves any favors because all it is doing is causing your metabolism (which affects every system in your body) to fluctuate and eventually it just stops working. Starving your body of any nutrient (fat, carbs, sugar, essential vitamins, etc.) only causes your body to fall into starvation mode, whereby it will then cling to every morsel you take in and turns it (even the healthy foods) into fat. Why? Because in our DNA, God wired us for survival. We are built to last in times of famine because famine was prevalent up until the last century or so. The only sure-fire source of nutrients our bodies can readily use in the event of famine, is fat. Because our diets are so erratic and lacking in the nutrients our bodies MUST have to function properly, most of us are living in a constant state of false famine and our body clings to fat, no matter what we try. Our fast, processed beyond recognition diet which is so ingrained in our lifestyle has caused a serious health problem for the majority of Americans. Not only are we obese, we are lethargic and struggle to think clearly due to brain fog. Most of the health conditions any of us face can be directly linked to our diet. That doesn’t mean only people who have been seemingly reckless in their food choices are the ones getting sick. Even those of us who try to eat right have fallen into the diet food industry trap. If the label says “healthy” or “all-natural” or even “diet” we are being fooled by clever marketing trigger words. Labeling laws in the US are so lax, if even just one ingredient is natural (like salt), the claim can be made on the package. Yes, I said salt. Salt is natural, therefore, it doesn’t matter how processed every other ingredient in the product is, they can call it “natural”. Pretty crappy, right?


All is not lost, though. Americans, we are resilient, resourceful and strong. Once we scratch the surface to see a glimpse of all the bull butter that surrounds us at the supermarket, we know we can do better. So let’s do better together. Join me on this journey to true health and fitness. Afterall, it’s not just a 6 week plan….it’s a life change. Life change is only possible if we support one another in community.

What tips do you have to share?


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