Love and Health

As I went through life last week, many thoughts entered my mental diary. Every day brings new insight, experiences, struggles and triumphs.  Especially when you are married with children (and a spoiled little dog).  In today’s society, we have a truly misguided vision of love and what it should look like, and this puts a lot of undue strain and pressure on us.  Love in its truest form is a verb.  An action.  It’s not just a noun, it’s something you do.  If you truly love someone, show them by meeting their needs.  Regardless of whether you think they deserve it or not.  I guarantee that if you meet their needs, they will meet yours.  It takes being humble in spirit and kind in action.  Am I telling you this because it’s advice I myself am in need of? Perhaps.

“Why is this health and fitness blogger writing about matters of the heart?” you say.  Let me explain.  Health is about more than food.  It’s more than exercise.  Health is dependent upon our environment.  If we are giving and giving and giving until we cannot give anymore, we will lose emotionally.  Or if we are taking and taking and taking from others, we are losing relationally.  This heavily affects our physical and mental well-being.  We are all made of 3 parts; mind, body and soul.  When any one of these parts is off balance, we are not capable of being truly healthy.  Sure we can lose weight and have a sad love life, but nobody really wants that.  If we are truly honest I am certain everyone wants to love and be loved back.  Whether you are single, married, or in any other type of relationship, this topic is relevant.  Why?  Because the way we treat ourselves is in direct correlation to how we feel about our relationships.  Tell me you don’t eat based on your emotions at times?  I know I do!  We eat when we are happy, but most of us OVER eat when we are sad.  That is a big problem both emotionally and physically.

How do we learn to truly love someone?  I can’t answer that for you.  But I know that having a close relationship with God will give you all the answers you need.  See, our outside relationships are a reflection of our relationship with God.  Likewise, the closer we draw to God, the better we are able to love one another.  We will also be capable of loving ourselves.  That is the key.  Both relationally and physically, our overall well-being depends on how we love ourselves!  When we don’t love ourselves, we don’t really care about our physical health.  So it’s time to get real and ask God to help us love one another and ourselves as He does.

If you have words of wisdom to share regarding love, mental health, or physical health, please comment and share below.

Proverbs 15:14 (The Message) An intelligent person is always eager to take in more truth; fools feed on fast-food fads and fancies.



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